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Our yellow perch have proven to be quite remarkable, growing to 7 inches in length in 6 months.  Normally a hatchery will grow yellow perch to an average size of 4 to 6 inches in one season and this is considered excellent.  Schultz's hatchery is redefining the standard of length to be considered excellent growth for yellow perch.  We do not attribute this fast growth to the way we raise our yellow perch. Instead, we attribute this fast growth to the genetics of our yellow perch.  Part of the genetic makeup of our yellow perch comes from the same waters where the largest yellow perch in the world was caught.  Because this is our new breed of yellow perch we do not yet know its maximum growth, however there are indications that it will grow to over 17 inches.

Yellow perch can be stocked in the spring or fall. Usually the smaller sizes are available late spring/early summer.  And of course larger yellow perch are available in the late fall.  We would suggest stocking larger size yellow perch in the fall (8 to 10 inches), these would then be well acclimated to the water and ready to spawn the following spring.  So, if you want to build a population of yellow perch, it would be best to stock in the fall. 

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