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There are many different misconceptions about walleye.  Many people think that walleye need deep water.  This is simply not true.  If walleye are stocked into a pond or lake that is very deep then the walleye will travel to this deeper water during early summer and early fall months.  However this will slow the growth of the walleye.  Maximum growth is obtained at water temperatures of 76 degrees F. Water temperatures may be lethal at 96 degrees F.  A water temperature of 96 degrees F is hardly possible in Pennsylvania, New York, or New Jersey. 

Walleye are considered the “king” of freshwater sport fish.  Although some people have difficulty catching them.  One must keep in mind some of the feeding characteristics of a walleye.  Walleye feed at dusk and at dawn and also during cloudy dark days.  So fishing for walleye during bright sunny days would be a mistake.  A medium size golden shiner or a large adult fathead makes for good bait for walleye.  Even large walleye over 5 pounds do not eat large fish.  A 4 or 5 inch bluegill would be a large meal for a 4 pound walleye.  But if there are very few forage fish, then of course they would eat larger fish.

Walleye should be stocked in combination with fathead minnows and yellow perch.  If yellow perch populations get too high and the pond or lake is over populated with small yellow perch then we would suggest stocking walleye.  And in turn the yellow perch population would be of a larger size after the smaller sized yellow perch were reduced.  This would give the larger size yellow perch more food to eat.  This can also work for bluegill populations.

Walleye less than 4 inches can be extremely cannibalistic. The best size to stock is 6-8 inches. We will not deliver walleye during the hot summer months.

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