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Fathead Minnows
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Fathead Minnows are an important forage fish for largemouth bass - when the largemouth bass
are less than 10 inches long. 
They are also an important forage fish for walleye and almost all game fish will eat them. 

Fatheads only grow to about 3-1/2 inches in length and only live for about 2 years here in the north. 
They are prolific and reproduce fast.

If you have a pond that is approximately 1 acre in size that had no fish in it and stocked 20 pounds of fatheads, by the end of 1 year you would have approximately 400 pounds of fatheads. 
This is why the fathead is such an important forage species. 

Fatheads lay their eggs upside-down.  They will lay their eggs on the bottom side of a lily pad.  We recommend stacking pallets in shallow water - 3 per stack would suffice.  Use rocks to weigh the pallets down.  These make excellent breeding places for fatheads.

Where there are fatheads - mosquitos do not exist.

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