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Black Crappie
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We do not raise white crappie because they have more of a tendency to over populate.  But it is quite possible for black crappie to also overpopulate a pond. 

The state of Pennsylvania recommends that a pond be 12 acres or larger before it is suitable for black crappie. 

If black crappie are to be raised in a smaller pond, then a good healthy population of predator fish is imperative.  Many people think that black crappie do not breed in smaller ponds.  This simply is not true.  What happens is that in a smaller pond the water temperatures in the spring of the year can change rapidly.  When this happens the male crappie will abandon the nest and the eggs will die.  However, in some years, the water temperature do not fluctuate so quickly and large quantities of crappie are produced.  When these large quantities are produced, if there are not enough predator fish to consume them, then the crappie will over populate the pond.  Overpopulation of the crappie reduces the available food in the pond for all other fish and the growth of the other fish is reduced.

Black Crappie
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