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Our bluegills commonly grow to well over 1 pound and are not hybrids - we do not sell hybrids. 

A hybrid bluegill is a cross between a regular bluegill and a green sunfish.  Interesting enough, the state of Pennsylvania does not allow green sunfish into the state, however hybrid bluegills are allowed.  The problem with a green sunfish is that when it gets larger it competes with largemouth bass and other fish for food simply because it
has a big mouth.  Some people think that a hybrid bluegill cannot reproduce - this is not true - it can reproduce but usually only in small quantities and the young are sometimes deformed.  When it does reproduce the young can
either look like a regular bluegill or it can resemble a green sunfish with a big mouth.  As the generations go by they will reproduce many more young.  So it is possible to eventually end up with a pond or a lake that is filled with the green sunfish - which is not wanted.

The value of a bluegill as a forage fish should not be compared to a green sunfish which competes with other fish for available food.  Many times people order additional largemouth bass to reduce their bluegill population, when in fact in most ponds or lakes that we deliver to, we find that the bluegill population may not be adequate to feed all the largemouth bass.

We do not sell coppernose bluegills or red ear sunfish, as they usually die during our harsh winters.

It is important to remember that bluegills make your bass grow.  It is also a good forage fish for walleye.

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